How to choose a underwear that really suits you?

2019-07-15 13:41

        As a shy girl's paper, in fact, I also know that you don't know much about your bust. When you go to underwear to buy underwear, you just tell the clerk that you can buy the size of the ABCD cup. In fact, the choice of underwear is not limited to the cup. Whether a piece really suits you depends on the composition of various details.

1: First of all, let's take a look at the structure of an underwear
2: And then test your specific chest circumference: after you put on your underwear, measure it horizontally along the fullest circle of your chest.
3: Untie the underwear, the distance between the two ends of the buckle is the length of the bottom circumference. You can also tile the underwear and measure it along the edge to get the natural length of the bottom circumference. The maximum length of the bottom circumference can give us more reference when comparing the elasticity of underwear. The underwear can be stretched to the maximum extent and then measured with a tape measure.
We know almost all about the underwear data. The data should be consistent with our human body. What's more, the final feeling on the body is the most important thing.
1. Do you have a good style
The main role of underwear is to support the breast, so that the chest looks more full, which can be a good decoration of our body. Therefore, the bra cup of underwear needs to completely wrap our breasts, which is in line with our breast shape. The breasts will not run outside the bra cup and have a good fixation effect.
2. The tightness of shoulder belt
The binding force of shoulder strap is also an important criterion to judge whether wearing is comfortable and natural. When we try on a new bra, we put our fingers inside the shoulder strap and slide it up and down to see if there is a sense of pressure. If there is a sense of pressure, it means that the shoulder belt is too tight and properly relaxed; if there is no feeling, it means that your shoulder belt has fallen off the upper shoulder, which needs to be tightened properly to achieve the most appropriate comfort.
3. Fabric and material
The media of underwear is the direct communication between skin and body. This direct physical contact also largely determines the quality and comfort of underwear. The best upper body effect can be achieved by the matching of high quality and comfortable fabric and structure. Good materials also determine the appearance and texture of underwear, and the specific design of appearance is that radish and vegetables have their own preferences.
[good thing recommendation]
The biggest feature of this underwear is its lightness and no steel rims. After all, the comfort of clothes in direct contact with the body is the first. The design of full cup has strong support and promotion effect, and it is also 360 degree inclusive in design. When gathered together, it will not appear that the chest is very big. This kind of underwear can be said to be a good modification of the chest shape!
It's very difficult for gathered underwear and V-shaped style to be sexy or not. Underwear fabric itself has style, simple and sexy. Plus, there are three tempting colors of wine red, black and light purple. What are you waiting for.

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