How dirty is the underwear you wear every day and how often do you wash it?

2019-07-15 13:45
"Do you want to change your bra every day?" "How long should a girl's bra be replaced? Within a year? I've been wearing it for two years. Do you want to change it? "
This is a problem that many girls don't understand. In fact, it's better to change underwear every six months! Girls underwear half a year do not change a new, it is easy to mold the sponge inside. Recently, it was reported that underwear can be washed every two or three days. A girl cut the underwear on impulse. After reading it If you have underwear like this, throw it away!
How dirty are our bras? Through the bra will absorb the skin oil, but also to the skin bacteria to provide suitable living space. If you don't wash bras for a long time, bacteria may grow on them. And if the wearer's skin has a wound, the bra becomes a huge health hazard.

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